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Those one am thoughts need to be written,So that one day,You can look back to the daysyou weren’t so smitten and the days you didn’t want forgotten. You need to be able to look back, At those fortunate days. So you can remember that there were good days,Amongst the bad days. You need to be […]

Self-care ideas

Self-Care Ideas To Help Improve Your Mood

It can be very hard to motivate or persuade ourselves to feel better when we are feeling down. However as the law of attraction states; the thoughts the we hold will eventually happen. So therefore if you dwell on the negative, you will attract unfavorable thoughts and stay under a destructive cloud. On the other […]

Dear dark figure

The first time you came to me, I didn’t scream or shout. I tried to move but you didn’t allow me to. I stayed calm as you looked down at me; a dark figure faceless, facing down at me. Now you come the second time, with more anger. Physically holding me down Preventing me from […]